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These days, the world of online opportunities is limitless, with businesses adapting and expanding at exponential rates. Rochelier wants to help you take advantage of this emerging industry, with top of the line products, images and the skills to cater to the ever changing online market.


We pride ourselves on our ability to customize individual product/collection proposals based on your website and consumer needs. Working with Rochelier, you will not have to worry about a thing: we provide top quality function and style shots of every item, product romancing, and all requested information that fits your formatting. We work with the promotional calendars of all of our customers in order to offer the best deals at the appropriate time of year. 

Rochelier has ample inventory that we hold and manage for each of our customers.


Rochelier has been enjoying great success with our online division in both regular retail and specialty websites. 


We take the utmost pride in our customers' loyalty and the commitment we have made to enjoy success in the online market.

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